The state pension

We need your help to record your pension income correctly on your self assessment tax return.

Not everybody gets the same amount of state pension. There is a standard rate and a basic rate. You might get more (an enhanced rate) or less (a reduced rate) or something in the middle (a proportionate rate) and it all depends on how your national insurance and tax credits have been handled since you were 16 years old. In most cases the records go back over 50 years of your working life!

Roughly 3 months before you reach state pension age, the government will notify you of the amount you’re due by using a simple letter. The letter is important and we need a copy.

There is no form P60, nor any other year end document, so this letter is the only way that we know what your year one entitlement is.

In later years, at the end of each March, you should receive a similar letter explaining how much the pension will increase by. This letter is also important and we need a copy. Without these documents your precise figures cannot be determined.

If you don’t have this sort of letter within a month of the normal issue date, then please write (quoting your national insurance number) to . . .

The Pension Service
Post Handling Site A
WV98 1AF

. . . or telephone 0800 731 7898.

If you’ve not yet reached retirement age you can still check your State Pension forecast here. You’ll need a personal Government Gateway account in order to do this.