We are strictly a business to business provider

For a fixed annual fee, our qualified staff will prepare your year end accounts and your annual tax return with a minimum of fuss. We have operated a paperless office since 1 January 2008 and handle all work electronically (except in the few instances where HMRC or Companies House still require documents on paper).

There are a few prerequisites in our Ts&Cs:

• you must maintain a DropBox account so that we can share digital files.

• you must own a business which has a proper business bank account with a proper UK bank.

We will not work with pseudo bank accounts from Tide and Coconut (and similar entities), because they are not bank accounts, they are apps that belong to a company called Prepay Technologies Ltd. Monzo does not provide proper bank statements so as explained here, avoid them as well. Mettle is not a bank account, it’s an app owned by NatWest Bank and you cannot get proper bank statements out of Mettle – avoid it!

VAT at the applicable rate is added to all fees.

Business Accounts & Tax Returns Annually
Annual accounts “Sole Director Companies” 1,175
Company Tax returns “Sole Director Companies” included
Annual accounts Special cases POA
Company Tax returns Special cases POA
Bookkeeping fees Annually
Quarterly books and VAT returns (fair use policy applies) 620
Extra bookkeeping Annually
Currency account
GBP conversions
USD, EUR, etc 620
Rental accounts Annually
Residential properties Per property 245
Commercial properties Per property POA
Self Assessment Tax Returns Annually
Personal Tax returns Simple prep/filing service 240
Personal Tax returns Premium service 588
Personal Tax returns Special cases POA
Payroll Periodic
Simplified “Sole Director Companies” included
Multiple employees You’ll need a payroll bureau to run conventional payrolls. unavailable
Company Secretarial From
Restructuring directorships and/or shareholdings, etc 425
Ad Hoc Services Hourly Support
All other services Senior staff 265
All other services Junior staff 89
Admin Fees
One Exercise
Access to archived records 32
References – job agencies, letting agents, etc 32
Certification of ID and/or address documents 32

Companies with two directors (typically husband and wife) may at times qualify for the same pricing structure as Sole Director Companies.

In special cases we may need to charge a bit more, or a bit less than the headline rates shown above. Small imbalances on accounts may be donated to our nominated charity The British Heart Foundation in accordance with our standard terms and conditions.

The Mythical One Hour Consultancy

We do not provide a one hour consultancy by telephone. Please do not ask. The hourly rates shown above are for longer one off projects, like capital gains tax planning, or business mergers & acquisitions work. If you want an accountant for only one hour you are highly unlikely to find anybody in the profession willing to offer that.

Monthly payment plan

Once agreed, fees are payable by monthly Direct Debit.


It’s our job to keep you onside with government. We get things in on time, and we work within the rules to help you keep your tax bill down. If you cannot keep proper records, and if you do everything at the eleventh hour, then we cannot work together, you’ll need a different type of accountant. Proactive accountants work best with proactive clients.

We provide accounts and tax returns, and more importantly, we provide peace of mind.

Is that something you’d be interested in?