Annual Accounts Checklist

This is a checklist for annual accounts work on companies and on self employed businesses. If we perform the quarterly bookkeeping for you, then this checklist is not needed.

Please let us have the following documents covering the whole trading year.

Bank/Finance House Items

• Copies of all business statements on current accounts, deposit accounts and loan accounts. Copies of all business statements on credit cards, commercial cards and PayPal accounts etc.
• Loan agreements for any new loans taken out during the year, showing (a) a simple analysis between the loan capital and the interest due and (b) a schedule of payment dates including any variations in the first or the last payment.

Bookkeeper’s Reports

• Trial Balance
• Draft Profit & Loss Account
• Draft Balance Sheet
• A detailed analysis of all debtors and all creditors on the Balance Sheet

VAT Reports (if registered)

• Copies of all VAT returns for the quarters spanning that whole trading year
• If the VAT quarters are not aligned with the trading year end, then copies of returns for 5 quarters will be needed so that we can see the picture for the whole trading year.

More Detail?

The quarterly check list is here.